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Cardboard Cable Reels

Cardboard Cable Reels are most suitable for light weight applications such as General Building Cable, Cordage, Rope, Fabrics/Textiles and tape.

Askern UK can supply four standard construction types of solid cardboard reels with flanges from 150mm - 400mm in diameter.

Beaded Metal Cylinder Reels (BMCR's)
These consist of two cardboard flanges and a beaded metal cylinder hub made from tinplate. Hub diameters and traverse are limited to standard tinplate sizes and machinery settings.

Hubbed Metal Cylinder Reels (HMCR's)
These are supplied as the BMCR above but also have a cardboard sleeve over the tinplate barrel.

Metal Stamping Reels (MSR's)
These are supplied as kit form reels with two solid cardboard flanges and either 2 or 3 metal stampings depending on barrel diameter.

Tin Cup Assembly Reels
These consist of two solid cardboard flanges, a cardboard hub and two metal cups which insert through the centre of the flange securing them to the hub.

Cardboard Cable Reels can be supplied using unlined board or white lined board with customer detail printed on the flanges if required.

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